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Spirit Cats Deck

by Nicole Piar

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"Beautiful! This shop is a new favorite of mine. Thank you endlessly for the wonderful energy and stunning craftsmanship in these pieces"

Laney T.New York

"Yet another wonderful piece of jewellery purchased from such a creative seller. This has to be my favourite place to buy from. All of the jewellery have their own personalities and are so very well made. The service provided is equally exceptional"

Whitney B.London

"I love this! A perfectly balanced amalgam of earthiness and delicacy. Lovely both to look at, to touch and to wear. Shipped promptly, arrived sooner than expected. Beautifully wrapped - such a treat to receive!"

A. BrownUSA


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Feral Folk Interview with Helen Callaghan

Feral Folk Interview with Helen Callaghan

Helen Callaghan is the author of the bestselling novels Dear Amy and Everything is Lies.  I’m waiting excitedly to read her new book Night Falls, Still Missing which is set in Orkney and is due out next month. Helen is one of my favourite writers and a dear friend. I first met her in a writing group in London over ten years ago.  Here she talks about her next book,...

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The Celtic Roots Collection

The Celtic Roots Collection

  It seems fitting to launch the Celtic Roots Collection at this Summer Solstice. Things have been rocky, and it’s still eclipse season, but there is rebirth everywhere. Not far from where I live and work making jewellery is Tap o' Noth, where a major Pictish settlement has just been discovered. These discoveries mean my little corner of Aberdeenshire was once the centre of Pictish...

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Ancient Warding with Vintage Horse Brasses

Ancient Warding with Vintage Horse Brasses

Horse brasses are fascinating objects. Historically horse brasses were used to kit out horse harnesses , but they had an alternate use as an apotropaic talisman, something to avert misfortune or bad luck. According to UK folklore, horses were particularly susceptible to being hag-ridden.  The term “nightmare” refers to the dreamer being ridden by malevolent forces. Witches were thought to be attracted to horses and...

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