Anglo Saxon Fibula Brooch in Aluminum for Bulky or Chunky Knits

£23.00 GBP

A simple, endless circle inspired by the moon, ouroboros and archeological finds. This penannular brooch is based on an Anglo Saxon design discovered in North Yorkshire. This version is cold-forged in lightweight aluminum.

I was experimenting with prototypes in humble aluminum and once I polished this metal it took on a matte smoothness and almost had a lunar quality. Plus it was so lightweight, I realized it would be perfect for bulky or chunky knits.  It's gauge was thick enough to stand out against larger stitches, but it was incredibly lightweight so that it wouldn't pull or distort your stitches.  

Immediately I began wearing mine and it's stood the feral test! I've decided to offer it in my shop for those of you working with larger wool or those of you who like cooler metals. 

Cold-forging means no heat is used to form the metal-- just hammering and sheer force of will! The bottom edge of the ring has been hammer-finished, the small facets giving the piece an ancient, earthy feel. The circle portion of the pin is about 2 inches in diameter. The pin is great for bulkier knitting.

Your piece will be made to order, with slight variations, making it unique. It will be tumble polished for many hours to make it strong, smooth and glowing. Please allow about 5 business days for me to forge the piece and finish it for you before shipping.

The penannular brooch is an elegant and practical design. Once the fabric has been secured on the pin, the circular frame can be turned around the pin, securing the brooch in place. I wear mine with my hand-knitted cardigans and coats, as I prefer this type of closure to buttons or clasps that come undone. 

A version of this pin is featured in Staci Perry's Easy Knit Sweater Jacket Tutorial at Very Pink Knits. You can learn about the pattern (and get a how-to on how to fasten these brooches) here: 

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